Where do I begin?


I’m Mark – I doubt anyone reading this doesn’t know that, but here we are. Welcome! This blog is simply a place for me to share with you some of my favorite quotes. And further, I need an excuse to write about things. You may be asking, “Practice?” as Allen Iverson did. But what people forget is AI already WAS the franchise player before his famous rant about practice. I am trying to become the franchise writer – make sense? It’s too early for me to be skippin practice.

“A few hints as to literary craftsmanship may be useful to budding historians. First and foremost, get writing!” – Samuel Eliot Morison.

I hear you, Samuel – and that’s the plan. Being a historian is probably not in the cards – but no matter where I end up, this waggish warbling and wordsmithery can hopefully help.

Thanks for joining me on my venture into the blogosphere. I paid real money for this website domain – and honestly am happy it was available – so hold me to this. If you come across a quote in the world that you think should be written about, feel free to send it through my contact page and I can post about it, or better yet – write your own post and I will invite you to contribute to the site. This should be a fun collaborative exercise in reading and writing and sharing.

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